Women Redressal Cell was formed in the college. It is co-ordinated by Dr. Ranjana Shringarpure with teachers as the members.

    The main objective of the cell is
  • To understand and inculcate the achievements of outstanding women.
  • To aware the slum and village women regarding shortcomings of sanitation & Pollution problems.
  • To aware regarding the importance of health & hygiene of the family.
  • Literacy awareness to aware regarding drawbacks of dowry, AIDS, antisocial activities etc.
  • To express hidden talents & creativity.
  • Self improvement & confidence building.
Sr.No. Name Charge Mob. No. E-mail ID
1) Dr. Ranjana Shringarpure Chairman 9822696674 shringarpure104@gmail.com
2) Dr. Madhulata Vyas Member 9822204911 madhuvyasngp@gmail.com
3) Dr. Chandrashekhar Sharma Member 9923356711 naacrmpc@gmail.com
4) Prof. Varsha Meshram Member 8208839162 vershameshram4@gmail.com
  • Psychologist for Adolescent (girls).
  • Lectures on achievements of outstanding women.
  • Literacy awareness programme for slum & village women.
  • Consultancy regarding legal problems for slum & village women.
  • Awareness against dowry, AIDS, Ghutka.
  • Awareness about the vaccinations against epidemic diseases.
  • To know the difficulties of orphanage & remedial programme.
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